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Dear Supporter, 

I would like to thank you for visiting and being a part of this monumental journey for my debut book "Let it be Known." I am anointed to evoke positivity and substance into the world of Literature with each sentence of my creative thoughts. With this book, I have delivered sincere and vivid perspective of what we're all challenged with and seek solutions in this journey ........called life.  I emphatically implore each reader and supporter to join me in my quest to motivate, inspire, empower and instruct. 

                                                                                     Al King

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It didn’t even take the first chapter of me reading “Let It Be Known” for it to start hitting home. This book has caused me to take a look at my inner self, evaluate, and devise a plan to strive for greatness. To say that this book is thought-provoking is an understatement! It is a blessing for others straight from the heart of Mr. King. With his selflessness, he has written a guide for people of all walks of life intended to build and not destroy. I will constantly use this book as a point of reference, I have recommended it to family members, and will be saving a copy for my children to read when they get older. Congratulations and Great Job Mr. King!

Bernadette Zayas
Indianapolis, Indiana

 Those of your friends and/or acquaintances who didn't know you then must know that the strength you showed in your book came from the hood and being that we grew up around each other and know each other that long I MUST SAY YOU MADE ME PROUD TO SAY THAT I PERSONALLY KNOW YOU. I'm here showing my support for your intellectual writing and to tell you My Bro don't waste the gift god gave you keep writing. Your book was so intriguing and mind boggling I had to read it twice so I could use your words when conversing with some of the ignorant ones I come across in my daily travels. I CAN TAKE THIS OFF MY BUCKET LIST THAT I HAVE A DISTANT BROTHER WHO IS A PUBLISHED WRITER GOD BLESS……oh and I can’t wait for the next book my dude. Everyone one should share it and see the change in the people who do read it people need to bring it up in conversation at work in church in the park everywhere they have an audience it should be a part of the conversation I know I have been bringing it to the attention of the people I deal with even if it is a once in a lifetime meet I always move the conversation to my brother's book many blessings my bro and I will do my part to share your words. 

Ben Ventura
Cape Coral, Florida
Let It Be Known is basically teaching us to rebuild our self esteem, to love ourselves, respect ourselves.... This book is about ushering the lost, confused, bitter and broken people back into peace, harmony, positive thinking etc....

Porsha Rogers
Charlotte, NC

This is the   “
"Urban Awareness Guide" from one of our own official die hard Bronxites.....Go cop this ASAP!

Mark "Minnesota" Richardson 

 What can I say about the book? When I say it's an easy read, that’s a true compliment because you don't have to force yourself to read it as a favor! It’s just that good! 
The "LET IT BE KNOWN" Book reads as genuine and thought-provoking! Transparent ideas of one’s beliefs and real life experiences. Excellent book that is interesting in that you may not read it in order of pages but by topic. Keep doing what you do Al King in this journey called Life as we are living…… Respect.  he "LET IT BE KNOWN" Book reads as genuine and thought-provoking! Transparent ideas of one’s beliefs and real life experiences. Excellent book that is interesting in that you may not read it in order of pages but by topic. Keep doing what you do Al King in this journey called Life as we are living…… Respect.  

Derrick Wilson

 "Congratulations, on your master endeavor to deplete the general knowledge of what we are known as.... in the black community. I read your blog of "Let it be Known" and this book will outfit an effective way to overcome, Black on Black Grime, I love it." 

Gloria J. Anderson
Las Vegas, Nevada
 In a world of manufactured and contrived forms of entertainment and scripted and staged "reality" television, Al King delivers a refreshing alternative-the-raw, unadulterated truth as he sees it. It's a reality check we all need to pay attention to. 

Jeffrey Wooten, Esq
 .Just finished your book and it was excellent. You were right on point, I can definitely relate and your book will help me with my own situations that I’m dealing with. I didn’t know how to handle certain things but your book helped me see the big picture and I’m a strong black woman and I must stand my ground and do what’s best for me. Thanks Al, I will cherish your book forever, let me know when the next book drops, I will waiting. Continue writing Al if you make a difference in one person life you have done a good thing and I’m sure your book will help a lot of people who are going through s*** in their live. I give you 3 thumbs up I was really impressed, keep doing what you do and you are a good motivational speaker. 

Regina Walker
Stone Mountain, GA

 I have gained so much from this book. It brought me back to my days of living in NYC, the things I went through, the lessons I learned to the reason why family will always be my foundation. I will continue to use this book as a reference and might even read it again. Love, love, loved it!!!

Rene Edwards
Al, I’ve read through your book several times and I must express how much I enjoyed it! It takes great courage for someone to step out, tell their story and use their experiences to help others rehabilitate from a broken past. Not everyone is willing to share, so I commend you for motivating others to learn the truth and strive to do better. Let It Be Known touches on subjects that so many communities tend to avoid and sweep under the rug. Now that you’ve snatched the rug from under our feet, it’s time to reevaluate our lives and the situations we put ourselves in. Many of us won’t admit that some of the hardships we endure are directly related to the choices we’ve made or will make. Your book encourages us to take the first step and begin applying ourselves in a positive capacity in order to become better individuals, which in turn makes better families, and ultimately better communities. Instead of remaining a victim and product of our past and/or a negative environment, we can take all of the energy we put into being bitter, angry and resentful and use it to change lives, including our own. Let It Be Known has blessed me tremendously and I will definitely spread the word and let others know that this book is a must have! Keep up the great work on the radio show as well. I hope to one day see you on TV, as well as on your own nationally syndicated radio show…the masses need to hear this! God bless you Al!

Chudney Holley
Atlanta, GA
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Your focus is evident. You're an intelligent black man who didn't just take the first opportunity to dig into the pockets of your Reader; you took the first step to dig into their minds. 

Kyonda President
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